Delicious momo, dedicated to a man(anonymous)


“Do you know how to prepare a momo (dumplings)” my boss asked and my answer was a likely yes.

“Why, you won’t be able to prepare us a momo”, he looked dazed.

To reply with an honest ‘no’ or should I save my dignity with an improper ‘yes’. I don’t clearly remember what i said, yet he replied, ‘So you just know how to eat momo’.

It seriously haunts me. Mother always told me, that I learn how to prepare a momo. I would sometimes assert myself to look into the matter. Why am I not learning? My friends, brothers, sisters, all of them know it.

So my boss had read my blog, before I came for the interview. He concludes by telling me, that his associates will probably call me in the evening to confirm my eligibility for the job. ‘I was disappointed’ It was not looking at all right.

While returning home, I started to picture a momo in my mind and then remembered. ‘Damn, I should have posted a blog earlier about momo. The man could have appreciated it and i could have landed with a job.

So over here, I will dedicate this picture of Momo to him. Hope you like it ‘Mr Boss’.


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