Bangalore sky and a new friend

This picture was captured by him. There is another one below.

 Breathe in….Breathe out….Breathe in and Breathe out and now say “OMmmmm”. This is what my new friend here, has to say. A master(academically) in yoga and an avid bird watcher (not to be misunderstood, a genuine birdwatcher…to say) While,the temperature  here in Bangalore has soared, around 30 degree celsius probably (thanks to MS word, got Celsius spelled correct) so what makes Bangalore so cool? definitely,the spell of  rain (raining kittens and puppies, raining cats and dogs) “God bless Bangalore”. However, once in a while, if he thinks the weather is worthy, he will instruct me with this breathing exercises and calming techniques (free of cost).Remember, the man has a boundless love for nature  and whenever he is here at my floor, he will look at the clouds at the distance and pre-meditate on rainfall or else he will look at the birds and explain their trajectory. In fact, he knows how many pigeons live in our locality, especially the white feathered ones. Yes, I see there are five pigeons. It once happened that one of the five pigeons was seemingly staring at us. He asked me, why the pigeon was staring at us? I said, probably because he(the pigeon) thinks we are eating. He agreed. The next day, the same pigeon was again staring at us again. He asked, “why,we are not eating anything today? so, why is the pigeon staring at us”.Oh my gosh!!!!! I have never observed birds so much, as he does. But the man has been my good friend.

A picture taken by him. However, this is not the pigeon I am talking about.

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