Living in a new room.

 Finally, my search has come to an end. A room with a tiled floor, a small kitchen enough for one person, bathroom with a Geyser and this is not all. A wide terrace, fresh air with a few coconut trees sprouting through the structure. At just 10 minutes walking distance from my college (Christ University). What more could I ask for?

Away from everything, what could be better than enjoying a haven at well furnished room at an affordable price.

This is what i call a room with a view

This is what I call a room with a view

 Since than, my transportation costs has been slashed and given me the benefit of walking and I no longer have to take the traffic jammed roads along Hosur road. There is a road adjacent to my room running through the factory area (Bangalore Diary). The road is clean and clear. There is greenery, the trees shaped in avenue providing a lung space. Oh my god! This is a gift. The road is prohibited for outside vehicles. Only a few motorcycles ply this road to make a clear and cut route to Christ University and the adjoining areas.

 To add more peace to my locality, there is no market around. Just one small grocery which helps. The main market is towards the opposite locality called Lakksandra. The market stretches beautifully straight till NIMHANS (Bangalore Mental Institute). Within a stretch of 70 meters, what will you not find? There are Saloons, Laptop Repair shops, Printers, several cyber cafes, Bakery, Vegetable sellers (Fresh) and vice versa. All in a very traditional way.

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2 Responses to Living in a new room.

  1. So finally you have found yourself a room, huh! Good. Nice room, living alone… Looks like this is where you’ll live so long as you’re in Bangalore 🙂

  2. What i say says:

    Yes..Dude.You remember since last I was searching for a room.”Finally” Phewwww….this is it.

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