It has been sometime, my office colleague have been asking me “Tenzing, don’t you want to go for a bird-watching?”,but look at me, I would usually say “May be next time”. After few weeks of work in office and idle workshop. It was time to tell my colleagues…..Tenzing will bird watch today. Amrit,our office accountant joined me in this walk(They tell me this is to rejuvenate our tiring day, I agree). MG Road is up drive from our office and travelling is cheap. The city taxi costs Rs 10 per head, that is if you are travelling anywhere inside the perimeter of Gangtok city.

This time our purpose is little wicked, of-course “Birdwatching”.This month is also one of the peak tourist seasons and MG Road would be bustling with tourists from other states, but we are here to look at Eves (Adam and Eves). Every view is important to us, may be we might find our big break here. The road has two lane,in its to and fro direction.We took rounds until we decided that we will have a high angle view of this road(We haven’t given up). Amrit knows a lot of people around. He takes me to a small double-decked cafe straight at the beginning of MG Road.

Spotted a Guitar in the cafe. All I can play is "Its an amazing world.....the smile on your face "

 There he gears himself with his Binoculars and starts looking towards the road. “Birdwatching” is now becoming more elaborate. Just like any watch tower in a border or forest, we were doing the similar act but with a different purpose. Now, its my turn to watch through the Binoculars. Woaaaa….Crystal Clear, the ladies across the road wouldn’t even doubt about it. But now, the time is 9:00 pm, the crowd has gone thinner and our purpose ends with a cup of black tea and a coffee.

My colleague Amrit.

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