Kunga with his Brother(Extreme left)His Uncle(Center) and his cousin sisters.

Kunga’s uncle(Gyalpo la) runs a business in Tibetan Butter,well-known in Tibetan language as(Maa-ar).While I was here, he tells Kunga to check the sack of butter he had distributed to a family.Kunga immediately complains how the old man in this family suffers from fits of rage and sometimes even to the extent of  trembling with anger. Adding humour to the conversation,Gyalpo la remarked,that he should run away when he sees the old man’s rage. 

Few hours later Kunga and I decided to go out. Along our way we dropped by a house.It was some stairs climb up the second storey(don’t remember).Kunga goes upfront to talk to someone,to find out that it is a old man and a woman with a furious Apso(Tibetan dog). Just like any typical horror movie style,where we see old man/woman with a shot-gun and a dog. Getting back to work, they had to weigh the sack of  Tibetan butter. Kunga had to observe the weight carefully,so he does it really carefully. He doesn’t let the pointer tilt a little below, that’s where the old man and the woman gets agitated. They start advising him that he doesn’t have much knowledge about the business and the weight systems. Same here!..So I ask them to tell us,what is the weight. The actual weight, as told by Kunga’s Uncle was 60 kg but the weight here was showing us 59 Kg. Amicably,we thought that this situation must be dealt by Kunga’s uncle since we were quite nervous about the calculations.

Kunga with his Father and Mother including his neice(in-front of him)

At MG Road.

MG Road(Gangtok)

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  1. kunga says:

    i admit tat u r doin a great assignment vit new memo block… heads up 2 u….

  2. aditi says:

    hi ten…

    wow…awesome stuff…love ur style of writing…

    Also ur hometown looks BEAUTIFUL!!!!!
    i gotta go there sometime ..

    Also…the last picture of MG rd….brilliant shot *applause*

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