Far grand-ma gets semi-drunk and siblings not worried

Here in Gangtok,the company of my uncle and my far grandma is very soothing to my heart,atleast I can afford to find  some talking here. But here again, there is  misinterpretation, loose talking and criticism which happens during the night, when my far grand-ma starts drinking(Rum) and my Uncle accompanies her.Uncle drinking habit doesn’t come to me as a surprise. He never forgets to draught a beer or Chang(Tibetan wine, Fermented Millet) in the evening. It was during these drinking sessions that I was astonished to find that my far Grand-ma was an alcoholic. Under the spell of her rum,she starts cribbing about how their maid carelessness and how they keep watching television. If  you have followed my blog, you will recall about the two siblings I mentioned. The elder is now talking, but one or two words at a time. He asked me yesterday “Brother, which movie were you watching”. Thats it..just one sentence for one day. The start of the conversation and the end of the conversation. The younger one is little better than him in talking, but you need keep telling him things which could be anything. I showed him a humorous movie called  “Borat”(Thanks to ISHAAN, for providing the right thing  for the right time) in my Laptop. He was laughing at his heights.Phewwww…. Managed to connect the fused wires.

Will let you know more about the siblings…chapter after chapter.

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