The WWF Programme office in Deorali,Lower Gangtok(Sikkim).I agree it is deserted,since they have only 7 staffs. This is the best picture i can get of the office.

“All is well” for how long can I say this. How would you feel when there is no one talking to you? Feiii..,this Saturday was a dread for me. In my relatives house here in Gangtok(Sikkim), my cousin’s siblings are non-talking, quiet and accepting,it seems to be in their genes. You are always nodded with “Lay-Yen La”which means “Yes” in Sikkimese language while Brothers are called “Aak-ya”. On the other side is my ongoing episode with WWF. All is same here.My service here is dormant,until the office here receives some materials.Till than my work doesn’t get a jump-start.

Always thought about sight seeing in Nathu-la. Doesn't happen! This picture i shot in one of the shops here in Sikkim was enough to tell me how it looks there in Nathu-la. I hope this will give you some insight of the Indo-China Border in Sikkim.

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