I was already counting on reaching Gangtok at the earliest,when you have the nausea.The kilometer is not right to watch,it encourages the outcome(you know)

It has been almost a year since I haven’t travelled along the criss-cross roads, the steep descent and especially experiencing the rear seat nausea in the hills. All these came to haunt me today and imagine four hours of  journey from Kurseong to Deorali(Lower Gangtok, Sikkim)I could feel something in my throat, it was like a push.I tried to quell it by singing some songs(doesn’t it minimize the outcome?)The last time I vomited was on the drivers control panel  and the car had to come to a sudden stop(I was small that time).I didn’t want to repeat the same episode, now that I am old enough to realize the embarrassment I might have to go through if i sprout out suddenly. The first one hour was a comfortable one, felt asleep between popular places which i never missed to watch it. Our vehicle was semi-full.The second row of our car was full at its capacity including the two seats aside the driver. Unfortunately,it was only me in the rear seat infact there were some boarding passengers for short distance.They were quite not the right people for me to start a conversation.

This is the road along the Teesta River. The Bridge at the Distance is a connection between the two hills.Sikkim border gets closer after we cross the bridge.

Now that I am finally here at my relatives place. Agula or otherwise called in English as Uncle took me on a guided tour by footpath along the Nam-Nang Road.

Just like any other History books,Uncle described me the past happenings in Sikkim. My question in the end was "How did India occupy Sikkim?

 He immediately showed me the Nearest hotel which belonged to the King of Sikkim. He told me how the legacy ended after one of the Kings siblings met with a tragic death while the other is a monk,somewhere in a Monastery in Sikkim. He is also lived by his daughter who is married to some other caste, it seems which were all a long time ago. While we are walking he tells me every tale of every house he knows. Why wouldn’t he,already at his 84 and physically fit to look like 75 and I tell him “Uncle you look so fit and under age, only if  you could do the hair blackening to minus some more age”. He smiles.

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