Raybay at Rs 130

Bought a new pair of glares with Ray Ban written on it, at a meagre price of Rs 130 along the popular Junction of Mall Road in Darjeeling. Clearly labelled Ray Ban, infact there was no “y” in the last alphabet of “Ban”(commonly read as” Bay” in duplicates). Here at the mall,it doesn’t say Ray Bay.I was surprised that duplicates did flaunt the name confidently.Well….forget the politics, I  am here to buy duplicates.The Prices started at Rs 180 and according to them there was a tourist price for the same glares at Rs 250(Remember these are not originals). Good for me, that some key price figures can be illustrated here,so that tourists know how much extra they are paying. No strong bargains with me as such, only because I spoke the same language and I was not a tourist. A share of discounts even, had to do with my resmemblence with them,acting like them and talking like them.I even bear this looks of a Korean sometimes friends would say i look like a Japanese, good though sometimes when privileges are offered for foreigners in India. But not here(don’t want to be sweeped by high prices,which are actually not but to remind you again, just by Tourist prices). I agree it happens every where.

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