Earlier today,dad told me, that I was a joker,…. Why?

Well,because  i was catching house flies this morning,post-breakfast. Caught some few in a row and single ones. It is very easy to catch houseflies. I was determined to make our room free of these insects while with some formal training from Bangalore where i have met with stubborn cockroaches and mosquitoes. Considering these, houseflies were not grave offenders. Visiting home after eleven months(to be precise). The weather is foggy, to some extent there is also some sunshine.This time, the political activity is calmer than before. In bangalore, we had been living through some Electricity problem with credible reasons, here we are facing the same problem. The problem here has nothing to share with Global warming or the environment crisis that the world is going through. The simple and surprising reason is that we over here(the people)are not paying the Government for the electricity.Now this matter has been around for almost a year, I believe. Here in my home, looking at such electricity cut offs, Dad has bought a battery in our new home, which will replace the intervals during cut-offs. Quite a facility we have got here, I tell my mom. Movie watching is much more easier. The difference in luxury can be found during evening hours, when our neighbours adjacent to our room will be lit under candle or some rechargeable lights, while we will still have light and our Television on. 

A lots of things seems to have happened here,there were rallies in the name of the policeman who were massacred by the Maoists in West Bengal(somewhere), there was a bandh and the Telengana State issue in Andhra, which was very influential in demanding Gorkhaland. But nothing has happened as thought. Here at my place in Kurseong, the name of the state GORKHALAND is at every shop, now no longer West Bengal. The stripped green, white and yellow(if i am not wrong, cannot search for flags as it was before. The flags are less common these days) is sometimes. Our Cable operator is one who keeps us update with the activity of the present Party(GJMM), and why not the main protagonist Mr Bimal Gurung(the President of GJMM) playing his part.

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  1. Hee hee 😀 Well said..the flies, politics, weather and the socio-economic agenda!! Must say, you have not confused the topic at all for your readers (this case..ME).

    I hope you enjoy your time at home at keep noticing new stuff and keep us posted…


  2. Whoa! Felt so nice to go through your blog, man! You write so well, good that you chose journalism! I’ll keep visiting regularly. And your blog is a nice reminder for me to make my own blog active once again.

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