Inside Kingfisher airlines, travelling from Bangalore to Kolkata.

“Sir, which seat do you want to take, the rear or the middle,the ground staff of King-fisher enquired. “I will take the aisle” I replied. No wonder,i was pretending as if i knew how the seats in a planes were arranged. She typed in my request,while her colleague looked at her very carefully. I thought there was a little hitch on their side in hearing “aisle” in their airport terminology.The most commonly seems to be Rear, Middle and Front.

Why am i talking about the aisle? Well, I recently went through some airplane disaster videos in “YouTube” where choosing the aisle increased the chance of survival during accidents. Smart am “I”, coming planned with safety regulations, so when i boarded the plane here, I was a little relived by seeing that the exit doors were just one row after me. The aisle idea had splendidly worked. Thanks to “YouTube “again.

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