Left: Hemant Gairola( Sub-Editor- Indian Express), Right: Tenzing Theckpa Bhutia (Unemployed)

Where would find such woman. Who would coyly listen and still not complain!!!

Hemant in a meaningful way

Front: Thinley(My Room mate) and his younger sister Mingma Tsamchoe

A simple morning, not much of an unusual.Thinley’s sister( Migmar tsamchoe) is here to add to our isolation. Feels good to have someone during a lonesome day when there is no activity and the inevitable stress of working with NGO in Bangalore(I have my reasons). 

Apparently had a fine day with Hemant, a friend during my Intern in Hindu last yeat. Currently,he holds a respectable position as a Sub-Editor with The New Indian Express(Newspaper) in Bangalore. I remember how he during those months, somewhere last year struggled(not quite the right word, lets say he managed successfully to attract seniors in his ability) and of course he did well. We were occasionally in touch by mobile and he would tell me his tales about how he actually went about searching for a job in The Hindu(Newspaper). How he came to The new Indian Express will need a lot of time and words.

So, today after joining The New Indian Express. Hemant threw a small duo party(amongst us, we were only two). Ate some delicious Cheese pizza in a pizza corner(Dominos) here in Brigade road. What better way could it be for him to give me a treat, he would tell me. “Mujhe Job Mila Hai”( I got a job). He prefered to pay, but it was also one humanity from my side that I wouldn’t let his money go around.

There,we were eating the cheesy pizza, in fact this was my first touch with a pizza. Quite Slimy, the cheese would still not leave the portion after I would pull it as a piece(I might be talking very naive) but learnt how actually pulling the pizza piece from the whole was not funny, it was acceptable.”Ok Ok”…. It happens with very pizza.Particularly reminds me of Turtle Ninja.  

Hemant  even got this new looks, there was a stark contrast with what he appeared last year. Now, he has more generated looks, thanks to his dream girl( I am using dream girl, because he is still pursuing). In fact he already has a pierced ears and was determined to pierce his eye brows too. WOW, looks cool for today’s Journalist.” Live life to the fullest”.

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  1. Haha! Nice to go through this post! And nice to know that you liked the pizza! And Hemant has got his eyebrow pierced and is a few steps closer towards getting his dream girl 🙂

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