Fresh breeze at last, something very close to the air of Darjeeling. The clouds are rumbling and the strong winds blowing at our faces is such a sigh of relief. At such circumstances, who wouldn’t want to take a breezy ride. I ask namdak(My roommates friend)  to take me in his Scooty to scout me around Bangalore’s favourite place for a refreshment. Namda was hesitant with my plan and of course he wouldn’t say no.

There, we were in Forum( Bangalore’s popular meet up and a shopping extravaganza). We hit the BOSE Showroom for some demonstration( We can’t buy those sets, it costs around Rs 2 lakhs) but we did manage to throw some gentleman show so that we were served under the impression of genteel class. It just doesn’t end here, we went to the Samsung Show room, where i asked for portable A/C’s. The seller opened his eye to the moment of fact, “portable AC’s”. He answered “We at Samsung, don’t have portable AC’s but may be LG must be having those Portable AC’s.

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  1. I can’t believe you asked for portable A/c!!

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