Mosquitoes and Cockroaches

The mosquitoes in my room have found a common feeding ground.Last night i was bittten a couple of times, i never imagined. These red bumps around my arms is a grim testimony to those blood suckers!! I have acted very friendly with them, never ever hit them or tried to persuade them. On moral grounds i would never kill them but alleast try to minimize their activity. So, thanks god that i have these mosquito repellents. Its “ON” today. I can just feel how they might be suffocating..hahahahahah…I feel good!! Take this as a revenge.  

The cockroaches are stalking me, they are also here to taste my patience. There are quite the smaller ones, tinny winny, fast moving ones. They have a huge recruit in our Kitchen especially the corners where they find warmth( I believe). My Laptop seems to attracting them from the distance i.e shoe stands and Cupboards. These cockroaches are just stubborn. I always push them away further, but to my astonishment to find that “they come back again”. They don’t seem to divert their course, even knowing the consequences i.e death.

I started my work late(just a training) as usual. Took an expensive Auto-ride again around Rs 60 till Hutchins Road, this time promising myself that this is, not going to happen next time and it might be the last. I am already with my heart and mind to leave this work(Internships) anytime. I am waiting for a response and a suitable time to make a proper departure from Bangalore to Sikkim. WWF has offered me a two months Internship in Sikkim. I am excited to see Sikkim and do something which i never felt before, not something against the law but something which will make me feel i have done it. Till something happens within the next 24 hours, I cannot declare my forthcomings.


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One Response to Mosquitoes and Cockroaches

  1. “grim testimony to those blood suckers” is an awesome expression! Lol.. Love reading your posts

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