Home and away

Not in an agreeable situation in Oxfam, Bangalore.It is though a privilege to convince people, but door to door knocking is quite unacceptable. Therefore, Oxfam people calls it in a better way “Social Marketing”. It is however a pity to remark these against an organisation where i have for the past few days built a strong relationship. They are just too good and they handle newcomers proficiently and why not since they are “social marketeers”. Today was Saturday and the activity compared to weekdays was different. The same script, “Hello sir/Madam, we are a group of youngsters carrying out a social campaign. Could you spare us 2 minutes. “Sir, have you heard about Oxfam? Oxford University, yes it was started by a few students of Oxford University. In India we are focusing on underprivileged Children and woman empowerment.”Sir/Madam” have you heard about the ban on Child Labour………it just goes on until, we reach the final close for asking participation or contribution in the form of Cheque or credit card.

Food seems to be a problem for me. Never felt this unhungry at these period of working days. I hope it will recover soon. Infact, i got to savour a good chicken and dal for Dinner prepared by thinley’s elder brother(Naghden Yeshi). He is here till tommorow and  on the same day kunga will be leaving for his summer vacations towards Sikkim. There is little bit of uneasiness, since the room is going to turn quite inactive for the next two months. Even i might leave for my holidays, which includes my Intern(Training in Sikkim,if possible).

I am definately going to post more blogs from Sikkim  and throughout  my journey from Bangalore to the hills. I am so excited to write and click some good pictures.

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