‘We guys are carrying out a social drive” Have you heard about Oxfam India’?

I am not telling this, but this is how we were told to talk while dealing with probable donors. Those sentences doesn’t end here. There was a slight planning glitch between the speakers regarding what should be told first and after. So a plump lady( don’t remeber her name) intervenes to add a few list of what we need to know and do on the behalf of the organisation. It was a short Introduction, where minds were being tamed to wilfully work effortlessly. After a brief session, we went downstairs and to my surprise we get to meet a bunch of employees. I never imagined that a not so good looking building with cemented staircase could hold such prim and trim enthusiasts. This was my third time, the last time i was here, was for my acceptance request with the organisation. The Building doesn’t look like a workplace instead it is like an old government residence, but some do agree that NGO do have this habit of living shabby. But not like long beards, wet arm t-shirts or a red saree. The reality just slapped on my face(No Sarcasms).

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