If i hold it straight, the keyboard pops out. This is how it looks. I just have to push it again.

Nothing unusual happened today. It was Kunga who suddenly steps out to borrow Playstation 2 from our neighbours. When it comes to borrowing or lending something from someone, there is always a hesitation. Keeping this in mind. I could see a spectacle by kunga. It was called the ” The fear factor”. All he had to do was get into our neighbours room and cat purr or meow for it. Infact he did it. Our inclinations are not deluded it is for the sake of the game. 

Finally, Kunga comes in with a plate of Playstation 2. He plugs in and starts playing our regular contended game,”Take Down: Revenge”. It has only one remote, so its always that we dont get to play arch rivals but for the sake of making it interesting we calculate time. So here i am always winning. We have become couch gamers, and sometimes our neighbour “fatty” is supportive of the fact about us. He says,” We dont go out most of the time, thats why we play games”. So i could call him like minded people and i share this same idea with him. We call ourselves average gamers not very professional.I call him”fatty” but not directly at him. His name is Tsundu and he actually takes cares of the Playstation 2. I believe it doesn’t belong to him too. So as events unfold there could be lot of gaming to happen. Let see…. 

So….Thinley, our room mate was here today.We never see him during our sleep since he works in the night, so in his presence there is always a good treat. “A good food to eat, after all its sunday and he is free. His younger sister Mingma Tsamchoe left for her college today.She seems to have lost some weight but it actually doesn’t matter when you are healthy and doing fine. This is away from home. 

The time is ticking and i am still not much prepared with my exams tommorow. I am worried if i think about it.Lets see what happens tommorow.

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  1. Ten Thinley says:

    ah!!!!! We really had delicious dinner after a week gap…and its “Mok-thuk”..As theckpa said i will be not at room when they sleep during weekdays…Thats why trying my best to be at room during weekends and spent some quality time with my roommates..
    So, we concluded our sunday with nice dinner and very good post dinner talk..Theckpa is having sound sleep with no sign of worries for tomm paper…Must be all because of Mok-Thuk…Hoping he will come with a smile on face tomm after examz…
    Kunga seems to be deligent….studying and simultaneously dozzing…again its all because of Mok-Thuk.. So “No Mok-Thuk during examz time” …

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