The weather is hot these days and i have my exams on monday. If i start complaining that  the weather is not allowing me to study than it would suggest my lack of  determination.  I am living the gap of 5 days offered for my concluding exams. There was also a sudden pour of rainfall in bangalore and a cool weather the other day. I have been telling Kunga, my roommate that the smell of dust was sometimes agonizing.  After this sudden rainfall, I get back to my laptop to type “Bangalore weather” in my browser.  Indian Metrological department was the first sight that caught my eye. Well, it was quite a lot of thinking to get the precise understanding of what i really know about weather and its patterns. Quite similar to X-ray, the map had a few cloud cover over the city of Bangalore. This was why we had rainfall. This was the answer. But no more clouds for the next few days that was obvious from the formation of the clouds. I could distinctively say it as “Tiny miny clouds offering a huge relief”.

It is just happening now that Thinley has just entered with a  few onions and vegetables which will straight way head for the kitchen. Thinley’s sister(Mingma Tsamchoe, if i have entered it  right) is here for her easter holidays. They have put on the channel HBO watching some weird snake movie called Anaconda. The snake appears outrageously graphic and hard to believe. The pattern of electricity is also nervous and just now the lights have gone off . Its time for me to study and i should be hell bent on giving this last subject called Development communication a successful conclusion of this feat. Feat is my success. 

Kunga passed a remark to thinley regarding the pay roll of certain industries. He said, call centers offer a better pay than other industries. This same remark was asked to me by one of my cousins, but i remained defended with no better answer than yes, thats true.  But here it depends on the level of work and obviously getting a job by our field of study would be a relaxed work with less frustration. There is no sacrifice. I hope we understand.

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