Delicious momo, dedicated to a man(anonymous)


“Do you know how to prepare a momo (dumplings)” my boss asked and my answer was a likely yes.

“Why, you won’t be able to prepare us a momo”, he looked dazed.

To reply with an honest ‘no’ or should I save my dignity with an improper ‘yes’. I don’t clearly remember what i said, yet he replied, ‘So you just know how to eat momo’.

It seriously haunts me. Mother always told me, that I learn how to prepare a momo. I would sometimes assert myself to look into the matter. Why am I not learning? My friends, brothers, sisters, all of them know it.

So my boss had read my blog, before I came for the interview. He concludes by telling me, that his associates will probably call me in the evening to confirm my eligibility for the job. ‘I was disappointed’ It was not looking at all right.

While returning home, I started to picture a momo in my mind and then remembered. ‘Damn, I should have posted a blog earlier about momo. The man could have appreciated it and i could have landed with a job.

So over here, I will dedicate this picture of Momo to him. Hope you like it ‘Mr Boss’.


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Bangalore sky and a new friend

This picture was captured by him. There is another one below.

 Breathe in….Breathe out….Breathe in and Breathe out and now say “OMmmmm”. This is what my new friend here, has to say. A master(academically) in yoga and an avid bird watcher (not to be misunderstood, a genuine birdwatcher…to say) While,the temperature  here in Bangalore has soared, around 30 degree celsius probably (thanks to MS word, got Celsius spelled correct) so what makes Bangalore so cool? definitely,the spell of  rain (raining kittens and puppies, raining cats and dogs) “God bless Bangalore”. However, once in a while, if he thinks the weather is worthy, he will instruct me with this breathing exercises and calming techniques (free of cost).Remember, the man has a boundless love for nature  and whenever he is here at my floor, he will look at the clouds at the distance and pre-meditate on rainfall or else he will look at the birds and explain their trajectory. In fact, he knows how many pigeons live in our locality, especially the white feathered ones. Yes, I see there are five pigeons. It once happened that one of the five pigeons was seemingly staring at us. He asked me, why the pigeon was staring at us? I said, probably because he(the pigeon) thinks we are eating. He agreed. The next day, the same pigeon was again staring at us again. He asked, “why,we are not eating anything today? so, why is the pigeon staring at us”.Oh my gosh!!!!! I have never observed birds so much, as he does. But the man has been my good friend.

A picture taken by him. However, this is not the pigeon I am talking about.

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Living in a new room.

 Finally, my search has come to an end. A room with a tiled floor, a small kitchen enough for one person, bathroom with a Geyser and this is not all. A wide terrace, fresh air with a few coconut trees sprouting through the structure. At just 10 minutes walking distance from my college (Christ University). What more could I ask for?

Away from everything, what could be better than enjoying a haven at well furnished room at an affordable price.

This is what i call a room with a view

This is what I call a room with a view

 Since than, my transportation costs has been slashed and given me the benefit of walking and I no longer have to take the traffic jammed roads along Hosur road. There is a road adjacent to my room running through the factory area (Bangalore Diary). The road is clean and clear. There is greenery, the trees shaped in avenue providing a lung space. Oh my god! This is a gift. The road is prohibited for outside vehicles. Only a few motorcycles ply this road to make a clear and cut route to Christ University and the adjoining areas.

 To add more peace to my locality, there is no market around. Just one small grocery which helps. The main market is towards the opposite locality called Lakksandra. The market stretches beautifully straight till NIMHANS (Bangalore Mental Institute). Within a stretch of 70 meters, what will you not find? There are Saloons, Laptop Repair shops, Printers, several cyber cafes, Bakery, Vegetable sellers (Fresh) and vice versa. All in a very traditional way.

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It has been sometime, my office colleague have been asking me “Tenzing, don’t you want to go for a bird-watching?”,but look at me, I would usually say “May be next time”. After few weeks of work in office and idle workshop. It was time to tell my colleagues…..Tenzing will bird watch today. Amrit,our office accountant joined me in this walk(They tell me this is to rejuvenate our tiring day, I agree). MG Road is up drive from our office and travelling is cheap. The city taxi costs Rs 10 per head, that is if you are travelling anywhere inside the perimeter of Gangtok city.

This time our purpose is little wicked, of-course “Birdwatching”.This month is also one of the peak tourist seasons and MG Road would be bustling with tourists from other states, but we are here to look at Eves (Adam and Eves). Every view is important to us, may be we might find our big break here. The road has two lane,in its to and fro direction.We took rounds until we decided that we will have a high angle view of this road(We haven’t given up). Amrit knows a lot of people around. He takes me to a small double-decked cafe straight at the beginning of MG Road.

Spotted a Guitar in the cafe. All I can play is "Its an amazing world.....the smile on your face "

 There he gears himself with his Binoculars and starts looking towards the road. “Birdwatching” is now becoming more elaborate. Just like any watch tower in a border or forest, we were doing the similar act but with a different purpose. Now, its my turn to watch through the Binoculars. Woaaaa….Crystal Clear, the ladies across the road wouldn’t even doubt about it. But now, the time is 9:00 pm, the crowd has gone thinner and our purpose ends with a cup of black tea and a coffee.

My colleague Amrit.

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Kunga with his Brother(Extreme left)His Uncle(Center) and his cousin sisters.

Kunga’s uncle(Gyalpo la) runs a business in Tibetan Butter,well-known in Tibetan language as(Maa-ar).While I was here, he tells Kunga to check the sack of butter he had distributed to a family.Kunga immediately complains how the old man in this family suffers from fits of rage and sometimes even to the extent of  trembling with anger. Adding humour to the conversation,Gyalpo la remarked,that he should run away when he sees the old man’s rage. 

Few hours later Kunga and I decided to go out. Along our way we dropped by a house.It was some stairs climb up the second storey(don’t remember).Kunga goes upfront to talk to someone,to find out that it is a old man and a woman with a furious Apso(Tibetan dog). Just like any typical horror movie style,where we see old man/woman with a shot-gun and a dog. Getting back to work, they had to weigh the sack of  Tibetan butter. Kunga had to observe the weight carefully,so he does it really carefully. He doesn’t let the pointer tilt a little below, that’s where the old man and the woman gets agitated. They start advising him that he doesn’t have much knowledge about the business and the weight systems. Same here!..So I ask them to tell us,what is the weight. The actual weight, as told by Kunga’s Uncle was 60 kg but the weight here was showing us 59 Kg. Amicably,we thought that this situation must be dealt by Kunga’s uncle since we were quite nervous about the calculations.

Kunga with his Father and Mother including his neice(in-front of him)

At MG Road.

MG Road(Gangtok)

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Far grand-ma gets semi-drunk and siblings not worried

Here in Gangtok,the company of my uncle and my far grandma is very soothing to my heart,atleast I can afford to find  some talking here. But here again, there is  misinterpretation, loose talking and criticism which happens during the night, when my far grand-ma starts drinking(Rum) and my Uncle accompanies her.Uncle drinking habit doesn’t come to me as a surprise. He never forgets to draught a beer or Chang(Tibetan wine, Fermented Millet) in the evening. It was during these drinking sessions that I was astonished to find that my far Grand-ma was an alcoholic. Under the spell of her rum,she starts cribbing about how their maid carelessness and how they keep watching television. If  you have followed my blog, you will recall about the two siblings I mentioned. The elder is now talking, but one or two words at a time. He asked me yesterday “Brother, which movie were you watching”. Thats it..just one sentence for one day. The start of the conversation and the end of the conversation. The younger one is little better than him in talking, but you need keep telling him things which could be anything. I showed him a humorous movie called  “Borat”(Thanks to ISHAAN, for providing the right thing  for the right time) in my Laptop. He was laughing at his heights.Phewwww…. Managed to connect the fused wires.

Will let you know more about the siblings…chapter after chapter.

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The WWF Programme office in Deorali,Lower Gangtok(Sikkim).I agree it is deserted,since they have only 7 staffs. This is the best picture i can get of the office.

“All is well” for how long can I say this. How would you feel when there is no one talking to you? Feiii..,this Saturday was a dread for me. In my relatives house here in Gangtok(Sikkim), my cousin’s siblings are non-talking, quiet and accepting,it seems to be in their genes. You are always nodded with “Lay-Yen La”which means “Yes” in Sikkimese language while Brothers are called “Aak-ya”. On the other side is my ongoing episode with WWF. All is same here.My service here is dormant,until the office here receives some materials.Till than my work doesn’t get a jump-start.

Always thought about sight seeing in Nathu-la. Doesn't happen! This picture i shot in one of the shops here in Sikkim was enough to tell me how it looks there in Nathu-la. I hope this will give you some insight of the Indo-China Border in Sikkim.

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